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What we do and Why

Heights and Minds aims to promote child development and prevent chronic malnutrition during the first 1,000 days of life.

Promoting child development and preventing chronic malnutrition during the first 1,000 days of life, is key for a child to reach full potential and enjoy a healthy and productive life. 

The MindUp concept explained

The MindUp is a place where parents can learn about: ​child growth and development, healthy feeding practices, nutritious recipes, and parenting skills. 


The aim of the MindUps is to empower parents, especially women, in underserved communities with the knowledge and tools to promote child development and prevent chronic malnutrition.​​



Theory of Change

By investing in the first years of a child, the MindUps will positively impact their future and the local community. The “Theory of Change” chart below explains this pathway to accomplish this vision for a better future.​

Theory of change.png

MindUp operations

The MindUp aims to be integrated into existing projects and activities with local partners (non-governmental organizations or associations) situated in peri-urban areas.​​ ​

The MindUp upgrades existing services and activities in coordination and collaboration with these local partners and together with the local and national government. 


A Heights and Minds Global Network


Heights and Minds plans to connect and empower all MindUp Managers (MUMs) in a Global Network to share experiences and learn from each other. The Network would house the e-learning modules and materials allowing rapid scale up and expansion of the MindUps in countries around the world. 

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