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The Heights and Minds Foundation signed a Partnership with the National Nutrition Council CNDN (le Conseil National du Developpment de la Nutrition / former CLM) on October 30, 2019 in Senegal. Under the Partnership, the CNDN and HMF aim to develop the MindUp concept and establish various MindUps as pilots in Greater Dakar and Thiess in Senegal.


Tawfekh Keur Jaboot
(partner organization Gouy Gui)

One of the first MindUps that was opened, is the MindUp

called Tawfekh Keur Jaboot in Jaxaay (District of Rufisque

in Greater Dakar). This MindUp is managed by our local

partner organization Gouy Gui and opened its doors on

January 15, 2020. At Keur Jaboot several services are provided such as growth monitoring and promotion, counseling on child growth and development, access to nutritious foods and recipes, as well as a play corner where children can play with early stimulation toys and books.

In addition, at Keur Jaboot, Gouy Gui offers a daily meal service for young children. This serves to give ideas about healthy affordable options that can be made at home. The MindUp strives to introduce more diverse healthy options and to introduce healthy affordable snacks and drinks to especially encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables. According to a consumption survey held in the surrounding areas of the Tawfekh, fruits and vegetables were found lacking in the diet of infants and young children, while fruits and vegetables are available, and affordable, at the local market.

Over time, the aim for all MindUps is to be financially independent within about 3 years. To reach this goal, the MUMs receive training and guidance in entrepreneurship. Currently, Keur Jaboot has started selling an enriched flour composition, higher-quality protein content, as well as other nutritious flours and grains which contain essential nutrients for the growth and development of young children. The CNDN monitors the quality of the products and the local government has given a license for the Keur Jaboot to sell the products.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about their progress:

Logo TKJ.jpg

An impression of Tawfekh Keur Jaboot

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