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Why preventing chronic malnutrition within the first 1,000 days of life is so important
Promoting child development and preventing chronic malnutrition in infancy is key to improving a child’s chances for a healthy and productive life. Prevention starts with awareness and promoting development starts in pregnancy as the first 1,000 days of life are the most important period for brain development.

Chronic malnutrition and stunting

Chronic malnutrition, a sign of inadequate growth and development, is a condition that is not easy to recognize. It happens gradually. Many children globally suffer from chronic malnutrition. Stunting is a condition developed because of malnutrition. In Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, about 30 percent of children under five are stunted or too small for their age and at high risk of not reaching their full potential (UNICEF, 2019).

World Map Stunting.png

Stunting has serious negative consequences and preventing it helps children suffer less from illness, spent more years in school and finish school, have higher income in adulthood reduces the risk of future chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases. 

Effects of preventing chronic malnutrition

Early nutrition programs can increase school completion by one year

Early nutrition programs can raise adult wages by 50%.

Children who escape stunting are 33% more likely to escape poverty as adults

Reductions in stunting can increase GDP by 4-11% in Asia and Africa.

What Heights and Minds does

Heights and Minds offer child growth and development promotion services in the MindUp. Children will be monitored for growth, can play with early stimulation toys, their parents are counseled on development, nutrition, and growth. They learn in an inspiring environment with easy access to all. At the MindUp, mothers can learn about healthy feeding practices, nutritious recipes and parenting skills in a fun way. We use digital materials, videos, games and focus on active participation and sharing among peers from all over the world.

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When children turn two years of age, those who were registered and monitored receive an individualized Heights and Minds Foundation 1,000 days Album with their development recorded every 100 days.

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