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In early 2023, Heights and Minds was selected as a partner focusing on early childhood nutrition for the inaugural Selangor Health Partnership (Selhep) program. A MindUp will be established in Puchong, Selangor in partnership with the Selangor State Government and a local partner, Little Steps. Heights and Minds focuses on the domain of early childhood nutrition which includes stunting prevention.

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The MindUp Project: Good Nutrition, Smart Brain, Bright Future

Under the Selangor Health Partnership (Selhep) Program, the Heights and Minds Foundation signed an agreement with the State Government of Selangor in Malaysia on August 10, 2023 to undertake “The MindUp Project: Good Nutrition, Smart Brain, Bright Future”. Together, HMF and the State Government of Selangor will establish a MindUp in the community to address the growth and development of children in the first 1,000 days of life.

This project has been made possible through funding provided by the Selangor State Government under the Selangor Health Partnership (Selhep) Program, with invaluable guidance and support from the Selangor Public Health Advisory Council.

The Selangor Health Partnership (Selhep) program is a pioneering public health initiative by the Selangor State Government. Its core objective is to foster strategic collaborations between state authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions, research centers, and the private sector. Together, they aim to address contemporary public health challenges, devise effective solutions, and empower community leaders to champion the cause of creating healthier communities throughout Selangor.

Pusat Anak Cerdas Ceria Selangor (CERDAS)

Pusat CERDAS, situated in Taman Kinrara, Puchong, Selangor is expected to open its doors in October 2023. Efforts are currently underway to recruit and train women from the community with skills and knowledge to be MindUp Managers. Pusat CERDAS will be sharing space with a children’s activity center thanks to our collaboration with the Welfare Department of Subang Jaya.  


Pusat CERDAS aims to prevent and reduce chronic malnutrition among young children and their mothers, and promote child development.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about their progress: 

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