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The Heights and Minds Foundation signed a Partnership Memorandum of Understanding with the Pilar Tunas Nusa Lestari Foundation based in Bandung, Indonesia, on October 30, 2020. Under the Partnership, Tunas Nusa and HMF aim to establish the first MindUp in Rancaecek in the Bandung Regency of Indonesia as a proof of concept pilot. Together with the MindUp pilots in Senegal, the experiences will allow the evaluation of the concept.

Tunas Nusa Foundation

Tunas Nusa Foundation has been active in the Bandung Regency for over 20 years with agriculture and local infrastructure projects. Made up of a very dynamic experienced team, Tunas Nusa agreed to expand their current activities with the establishment of HMF’s concept of a MindUp. The MindUp will be integrated under the umbrella activities Tunas Nusa already implements, including sustainable household collaboration or co-living and high-quality biological gardening or Kebon Belajar Tunas Nusa, sustainable water management, and a myriad of recycling activities.

Tunas Nusa focuses on revitalizing the Sub District of Rancaekek Wetan (Bandung Regency) and they selected Rancaecek to establish the first MindUp. The MindUp, called the Ruang Riung Ceria, RRC for short, will focus on multiple target groups: with pregnant and lactating mothers and children 0-2 years of age as the main target group but they also welcome teenagers (boys and girls) and all members of society, including a specific focus on senior citizens. Tunas Nusa collaborates closely with the local authorities, health officials, schools, universities, other related NGOs, individual volunteers, and private organizations to support ending stunting.


Ruang Riung Ceria

MindUp Ruang Riung Ceria (RRC) situated in Rancaekek Wetan (Bandung Regency) opened its doors in January 2021.

RRC aims to prevent and reduce chronic malnutrition among young children and their mothers, and promote child development.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about their progress: 

rrc logo.jpg

An impression of Ruang Riung Ceria

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