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The Heights and Minds Foundation signed a Partnership Memorandum of Understanding with Kawempe Youth Centre (KYC) based in Kawempe District (Kampala), Uganda, in March 2022. Under the Partnership, KYC and HMF integrated a MindUp within the existing community center located in a suburb of Kampala.


Kawempe Youth Centre (KYC)

Kawempe Youth Centre (KYC) is a local community organization that started as a library project in 1999 in the Kawempe division, which is one of the five divisions of Kampala. In 2002, KYC was founded as a non-governmental organization with the aim of providing better future prospects for young people in the division.

KYC strives for the literacy of all young people in the community through education, recreational activities, and information provision. KYC does this in cooperation with other youth aid organizations in the community, and also with other local and international organizations. They also offer education and health information services in schools and within the community in addition to implementing projects where resources are limited or not available.  

KYC envisions a community with literate and empowered youth, and also that the center has a connecting and positive appearance in the district and boosts the development of the community through the younger generation. 


KYC MindUp

KYC MindUp situated in Kawempe District (Kampala) opened its doors in April 2022.

With the KYC MindUp, KYC is now next to being a lively community center for children and teenagers, also an inspiring learning environment for pregnant women and young parents. 


Here they will gain insight into the growth and development of their child in a positive way. This includes individual advice by trained MindUp Managers (MUMs), interactive cooking classes, educational videos, games, and workshops.


All MindUps are part of the Global Network where they can share experiences, learn from each other, and even exchange recipes through cooking shows they record themselves!

Check out their Facebook to stay updated about their progress: 

An impression of KYC MindUp

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