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Yacine Wens

Heights and Minds Coach Senegal

Yacine bio.jpg

Yacine grew up in a large multi-cultural family. Since she was little she likes to take care of her little nieces and nephews. While growing up, her family introduced her to other cultures, lifestyles, and eating habits. From this arose her passion to travel, to discover, and to always learn and taste new things.

After studying languages ​​and intercultural communication in Antwerp for 2 years, she decided to follow another passion and started studying nutrition and dietetics. Yacine is now a qualified nutritionist after graduating with a bachelor's degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Ghent in February 2022. During her study career, she was allowed to do an internship abroad. She completed an 11-week practicum with Heights and Minds Foundation in Sénégal, Dakar. During this internship, her passion for travel, food, and children has only grown.

She is now working with Heights and Minds as a coach on a 6-month mission in Sénégal. Yacine hopes to continue working with children, all over the world, in the future to help them reach their potential so that they too can pursue their dreams and passions.

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