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Hannah van Riswijk

Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

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On a ‘detour’ from medical school, Hannah van Riswijk obtained a master’s degree in Global Health from Maastricht University. During the program, she specialized in politics of the global south, refugee health, and health equity at McMaster University in Canada. After finishing this elective track, she completed her thesis internship with the Heights and Minds Foundation. During the internship, she implemented and evaluated the baseline survey of the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) system at the MindUp in Senegal. 

Before deciding to pursue a master’s in Global Health, she worked at the Sophia Children’s Hospital, opted for a minor in Global Health during medical school, and chaired the Standing Committee on Public Health at the International Federation of Medical Student’s Associations (IFMSA) in Rotterdam. 

Currently, she’s working with the Heights and Minds Foundation on further developing and implementing the M&E system: utilizing a set of questionnaires, the goal is to map the (change in) nutritional knowledge and practices of the caregivers who visit the MindUp. She is enjoying the challenge of coming up with innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the diverse communities all over the world in which the MindUps are operating. Alongside her work with the Heights and Minds Foundation, she is continuing medical school and working on several other public/global health-related (research) projects.


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