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Help us give children a fair chance in life!

100% of your contribution goes directly to the beneficiaries in the countries where we are present.


How do we do that?

All our overhead expenditures, including training materials, the digital platform and all travel are covered by our own philanthropic contributions and free use of Service Heroes technology. Moreover, the founders and board members give our time and expertise for free as we have all had long careers behind us.

Please choose your donation amount in the webshop created for easy and safe payment method below or decide your own amount by using the PayPal only button here:

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Or if you prefer to donate directly to the Heights and Minds bank account:

Heights and Minds

NL21 TRIO 0788762532

Triodos Bank N.V.

 Utrechtseweg 60, Zeist, The Netherlands





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An example of what we can do with €5.00:

For €5.00 a “Heights and Minds Foundation 1,000 days album” can be printed, all registered children at the MindUp receive this album when they turn 2 years. During the first 1,000 days of life different milestones are captured in this album such as drawings, images of the child, the first foods that the child tried - all in a nice way!

When children are older they can look back on their growth and development by looking at this album.

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