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Whitley Schamber

Global Health Consultant


Whitley completed a Master of Science in Global Health in August 2021, specializing in Community Health and has been a practicing Registered Nurse in Canada since 2013. She co-led a successful “You Are Not Alone” campaign supporting mothers living in low-income neighbourhoods in seeking resources before, during and after pregnancy as a nursing student. Since then, she has had nursing experience working in acute surgical care, emergency care, telehealth, and teaching nursing.


After years of travel and the opportunity to volunteer as a nurse in India, her passion for women and girls’ health equity and climate sustainability could no longer be ignored and led her to a master’s degree. As part of her Global Health course requirements, she completed her 10-week practicum with Heights and Minds Foundation during the summer of 2021. Since then, she has continued her work on developing and expanding the MindUp training modules and fundraising strategies for Heights and Minds. Her goal is to assist in the expansion of MindUps and see children thrive while supporting women and girls’ empowerment.  

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