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Thank you for checking the height of your baby! Your baby is at risk of not growing according to their age. Don't worry there are things you can do to improve the growth and development of your baby. 

Visit the nearest local health post immediately!

Identify the possible causes of why your child is not growing well:

  • How was the appetite of your child in the last few months? 

  • Did your child have diarrhea or other illness in the last few months? 

  • Does somebody in the family have a certain disease?

  • How is breastfeeding going? (if applicable)

  • How is complementary feeding going? (if applicable)

Key messages

For babies 0-6 months old:

- Exclusive breastfeeding is important in the first 6 months, give only breastmilk and no other liquids or solids (not even water)

- Get the weight of the baby measured monthly and the height every 3 months at the MindUp or local health center

- Follow the growth and development of your baby

- When the mother has to go back to work, she can express breastmilk so that it can be stored and fed to the baby when he/she is hungry

- Mothers should eat a healthy diet and drink more water so that milk production is adequate and of good quality

For children 6-24 months old:

- From 6 months of age, solids can be introduced, this is also called complementary feeding
- The texture, the frequency, and the amount of food should be adapted to the age of the child
- Choose nutritious foods from the 7 important food groups for children:
1.) Grains, roots, and tubers;
2.) Legumes, nuts, and seeds;
3.) Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese);
4.) Flesh foods (meat, fish, poultry, and liver or organ meats);
5.) Eggs;
6.) Vitamin A-rich fruits and vegetables (carrots, mangoes, dark green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, orange sweet potatoes);
7.) Other fruits and vegetables 

- Continue breastfeeding up to 2 years of age along with introducing solid foods 

General messages:

Your child will be referred to the health facility (health post) closest to your place of residence, for adequate care by health personnel. They will help your child to overcome growth barriers and restore their nutrition status.


Ensure complete child immunization according to schedule.


Maintain good hygiene.

Come to the MindUp regularly (preferably every 100 days) for growth monitoring and promotion services!

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