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The Heights and Minds Foundation is collaborating with Certa Nutritio for educational material that the MindUps will use and e-learning modules for MindUp Managers (MUMs). Certa Nutritio is a company specializing in nutritional education. Their team consists of four researchers from the University of Helsinki, Finland. They mainly focus on the nutrition and health of children, mothers and adolescents in low- and middle-income countries. They strive to make correct and reliable information available and understandable to those who need it, and believe that the little things anyone can do, not matter what their circumstances, can help improve health. 



Certa Nutritio has developed educational videos, comics, and even an app called GloCal. All videos are based on UNICEF and WHO guidelines. GloCal videos will be used in our MindUps to educate adolescent girls, pregnant and breastfeeding women and parents of infants and young children on different topics including: pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, complementary feeding , nutrients and healthy foods, growth monitoring and promotion, and hygiene. Today these videos are available on YouTube but in the near future they can be downloaded in the GloCal app. In the app, women will also be able to track their child's growth and development, learn more about different topics and test their knowledge through a quiz.


Want to know more?

Visit their website and YouTube channel:

Certa Nutritio YouTube Channel

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