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Congratulations!!! Your child is healthy and growing according to their age. 

Key messages

For babies 0-6 months old:

- Exclusive breastfeeding is important in the first 6 months, give only breastmilk and no other liquids or solids (not even water)

- Get the weight of the baby measured monthly and the height every 3 months at the MindUp or local health center

- Follow the growth and development of your baby

- When the mother has to go back to work, she can express breastmilk so that it can be stored and fed to the baby when he/she is hungry

- Mothers should eat a healthy diet and drink more water so that milk production is adequate and of good quality

For children 6-24 months old:

- From 6 months of age, solids can be introduced, this is also called complementary feeding
- The texture, the frequency, and the amount of food should be adapted to the age of the child
- Choose nutritious foods from the 7 important food groups for children:
1.) Grains, roots, and tubers;
2.) Legumes, nuts, and seeds;
3.) Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese);
4.) Flesh foods (meat, fish, poultry, and liver or organ meats);
5.) Eggs;
6.) Vitamin A-rich fruits and vegetables (carrots, mangoes, dark green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, orange sweet potatoes);
7.) Other fruits and vegetables 

- Continue breastfeeding up to 2 years of age along with introducing solid foods 

General messages:

Ensure complete child immunization according to schedule.

good hygiene.

Come to the MindUp regularly (preferably every 100 days) for growth monitoring and promotion services!

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