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The majority of the videos that we use in our E-learning modules are made by Certa Nutritio (existing of a team of 4 researchers from the University of Helsinki, Finland). They are a small company specialized in Nutrition Education. Their focus is mainly on the nutrition and health of children, mothers, and adolescents in low- and middle-income countries.

The videos that they make are available on YouTube under the name “GloCal” but can also be downloaded, the content of these videos is adapted to the global guidelines of the WHO and UNICEF.


Overview of GloCal videos used in e-learning modules

There are GloCal videos made for different themes including pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, complementary feeding, cognitive development, disease, nutrients, and healthy foods, growth monitoring and promotion, hygiene, sexual health, and kitchen garden.


GloCal videos African version: 




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