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Day 270: delivery
(9 months pregnant)


In case of concerns or difficulties after giving birth or breastfeeding, or concerning the health of the baby, a mother should always see a health professional at the local health center and go for postnatal care visits!



The baby is born, congratulations!!!

Important messages:

  • After giving birth you should get enough rest and take extra good care of yourself!

  • Postnatal care:
    - It is important to go for postnatal visits to screen for potential complications and treat problems as they arise after giving birth
    - Go for your postnatal visit(s) at the local health center in the months after you gave birth


  • First 1,000 days and the prevention of stunting:
    - The first 1,000 days covers the period of 9 months pregnancy + first 24 months of life
    - During this period children grow at very high speed: they triple their weight, almost double their height, and their brain makes millions of connections
    - This period is crucial for helping children to reach their full potential

    - Even before birth, the fetus is at risk if the mother lacks essential nutrients needed for the brain, bone, and organ development of the baby

    Note: most stunting (low height-for-age) happens in this critical period and is almost always irreversible, stunting
     is a result of chronic malnutrition and frequent illness and is difficult to recognize as it happens gradually and stunted children are small but not necessarily too thin. Children that are stunted have high risks of getting ill, go to school for fewer years than their well-nourished peers, and have lower income when they are adults - they are also at higher risk of suffering from heart disease and diabetes in adult life.

  • From now on, growth monitoring and promotion is very important:
    - Measuring the height and weight of a child regularly is important to make sure the child grows and develops well
    -The weight and height of a child can be seen and measured, but the most important growth of the brain cannot be seen, however, if we see that a child grows well in height we can assume that the brain also is developing well 

    Stunting can be reversed if detected before age 2, therefore it is very important to regularly monitor and measure children before they turn two years of age

    Note: We also know that when children do not grow well physically their brain may also not develop as much as it should, and that is the most fundamental reason to check children grow properly!

  • Breastfeeding

    Read and watch the videos about:
    - The importance of exclusive breastfeeding (the baby only receives breastmilk, no other liquids or solids are given - not even water) in the first 6 months of life
    - Breastfeeding positions and attachment to the breast (when necessary)
    - Benefits of breastmilk over animal milk or formula milk

    Note: If you are experiencing any problems with breastfeeding, it is good to discuss this with a MUM or a health care professional.


  • Responsive feeding and caring:
    It is very important to respond to the baby’s cues for feeding and comfort in order for the child to develop well and reach its full potential. 

  • Take vitamin A supplements:
    - You should take a vitamin A supplement right after birth (or within a few weeks) and one in 6 months after birth, this is important to ensure good health and protection against infections for both you and your child.
    - Vitamin A boosts your immune system and the baby receives vitamin A through breastmilk


  • You should eat the following in the period that you are breastfeeding:
    - Continue to eat a few extra healthy snacks a day while breastfeeding
    - Drink plenty of water (2 Liters a day) and juice
    - Eat a 
    healthy and diverse diet

    - There are no special foods required to produce an adequate amount of breastmilk, the baby will make sure there is enough produced by drinking often


You are encouraged to come to the MindUp regularly with your child (preferably every 100 days) for growth monitoring and promotion!

Video - vitamin A

Recommended feeding practices
in the first 24 months

Recommended practices first 2 years.png

Video - growth monitoring and promotion

Video - vitamin A

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