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Developing a manual (including instruction videos!)

to dry fruits and vegetables to improve vitamin A intake

in low- and middle-income countries  


Anouk Windey and Loes Peetermans

3rd year Nutrition & Dietetics students, Odisee University of Applied Sciences (Ghent, Belgium)

For our internship at Heights and Minds we created a manual about drying vitamin A-rich vegetables and fruits for the MindUps. As dietitians we immediately loved this project about healthy food and habits in other countries, especially developing countries.

Drying vegetables and fruit is not something we often do in Belgium, so we did a lot of research. We discovered how many advantages it has, both in terms of health and convenience, and found out how easy it is to practice. To ensure that all information needed is in this manual, we tried drying it ourselves (and it worked!).

Besides the interesting project, the internship at Heights and Minds itself was great as well. During online meetings, Claudia and Sigrid were always enthusiastic and they immediately gave us a familiar feeling. They encouraged us to make a unique work from ourselves and not imposed by them. Moreover, they responded as soon as possible with substantiated feedback.

As expected when you read all this, we would encourage everyone for an internship at Heights and Minds if you want to learn more, develop yourself and help other countries.

Anouk Windey and Loes Peetermans

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Manual for drying fruits and vegetables

Recipes for energy bars with dried fruits that can be sold at the MindUp

Instruction video for drying fruits and vegetables with the help of the sun

Instruction video for how to build a sun drying construction

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