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Abdoulaye Ka

Co-Chair of the Global Board


Abdoulaye Ka is a public health and social development specialist with over 20 years of experience with maternal and child health and nutrition programming for governmental and non-governmental organizations in Senegal.  He was part of the core team that initiated the nutrition policy reforms in 2001 that led to the: (i) creation of the National Nutrition Coordination Committee (CLM) under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office; and (ii) the development of a national nutrition program (PRN).  Mr. Ka was responsible for all the field operations and monitoring until he took over as the National Coordinator of the CLM in 2011.

During his tenure as National Coordinator, Mr. Ka has overseen: (i) the continuing scale-up of the community program, which now reaches 80% of under-five children; (ii) the strengthening of the nation-wide platform for community-based service delivery; (iii) the diversification of funding sources for national nutrition programs including from the national budget; and (iv) the participatory development of an inclusive multisectoral nutrition policy and strategic plan that includes the mainstreaming of nutrition in the different sectors.  At the global level, Mr. Ka is also acting as an ardent champion for nutrition and currently is a member of the SUN Movement Executive Committee.

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